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Running through the rain by Ankhesenamen
Running through the rain
Saw a friend of mine running through a thunderstorm with his little Pomeranian dog. It's fur was all wet so it looked like a fox. They were having a great time! This is just a quick sketch. I didn't even bother to include the rain. XD 
Sid by Ankhesenamen

So I met this really interesting man at work the other day. Long dark hair, black clothes, kinda looked like he was missing from a metal band or something. Anyways, he came in looking for a ribbon in support of the stopping violence against women campaign and we just got chatting on the topic. He turned out to be one of the most intelligent and heartfelt guys I had ever met and he has stuck in my mind ever since. A real humanitarian with a good heart. 


Hey everyone!

I’m sorry I haven’t updated lately, among being slammed with work and school, I’ve started working on a new project involving The Inheritance. Yes, I have started working on changing the story to my own original piece of fiction. Kair is being moved into her own Steampunk Fantasy! The story line will be very similar to the Pokémon fic... except minus the Pokémon universe. And instead of Pokémon, dinosaurs and dragons. :3 I’m building an entirely new society, so there will be quite a lot of changes and differences, even in the character roles themselves.

Kair will be keeping her name... well most of it...

Kair Yu actually means ‘Dragonite’ and so due to copyright reasons I can’t use this name. So her new name is Kair Harker. Less Japanese and more European.

Kair’s father is now a wealthy business man with darker motives who goes by the name Darius Valderez. He is written in virtually the same light as I the life I’ve given to Giovanni.

Lance is now Laurence Drake. He is a Dragon Master still... but he’s less mature and ‘knightly’ and more of an emotionally manipulating, upper classed boy... with a dark motive.

Scarlett will be replacing the role of Ash Ketchum... however she is not anyone’s daughter, she is a street kid who finds herself caught up in Kair’s adventures.

Sa’lu is still... well... she won’t chance since she’s my OC anyway.

And introducing a new character, Cyrus. He doesn’t have a last name yet... and he doesn’t have blue hair either lol. A wealthy young business man who knew Kair when she was a child. He is your quintessential ‘Mastermind’. Powerful, scheming, handsome ;), and ambitious... and you guesses it... has a darker motive.

The story sticks to it’s original intention and that is delving into the criminal underworld as it becomes the battle of Supervillains to take control of a (Steampunk) society that has been thrown into utter disarray after the disappearance of the Oracle Queen.

So exciting times!


Unfortunately, it’s not all good news. As a result, I won’t be continuing with the Pokémon story (Volume 8). I’m sorry. Basically, the plan was for an all-out war between the different criminal families with Kair becoming the ultimate villain who destroys the world (with the help of lordrogersmith6485’s Metsuma). It’s up to Silver, Blue, Scarlett and Wilbur to change history.

But now that I am working on this new adventure, and story lines/endings will be changing, I don’t have room for the Pokémon fic any more. :(

If anyone wants to take it up and end it themselves, you are more than welcome. It is free for you to use/finish.


I will still work on the comic however, so expect to see updates!


Anyways, if you’re interested in giving the revamped version of ‘The Inheritance’ a go, I have the first two chapters here for your reading pleasure:…


Keeping in mind this is first draft only (I’ve barely even read over it). So not publishing standard as of yet. But enjoy regardless! :)

:iconalmagest: -Almagest


Thank You... by jennyleigh Requests are Closed by savagebinn Think before you type stamp by andaria


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